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Tea challenge

Day #2 - Dr.John H. Watson from Sherlock BBC series

Ingredients: black long leaf assam, vanilla, one tiny piece of gillyflower, jasmine, carmelized brown sugar and a small piece of hibiscus.

Flavour: First impression - it feels like a cozy jumper ‘u’. It’s sweet, the main flavour is vanilla and caramel. Jasmine is in the background.There’s a veeeery little aroma of sour hibiscus. I think it perfectly suits John - sweet, but not too sweet, calm, practical and quite… simple.

Tea challenge!

Due to the fact, that I have a lot of free time, I decided to do something with it.

I love tea, and I have a package of multiple herbs and spices, so why not try something?

Everyday (I hope so!) I will post a tea for a fictional character. I’ll post a recipe for the tea, of course, a photo and my opinion on flavour. All my teas will be under the ‘tea challenge’ tag.

If you have any request for a character to make tea for, go look into my fandoms and my ask box is wide open!


Day #1: Sherlock Holmes from ‘Sherlock’ BBC series

Ingredients: black long leaf assam tea, gillyflower, hint of anise, dram of chilli

Flavour: As assam is quite plain, it makes a perfect setting for strong aroma of gillyflower. It’s the main taste, and it brilliantly matches anise. It wouldn’t be an ordinary tea anyway, but then comes chilli! It leaves a little burning sensation, but not too strong. I think that’s how I see Sherlock - logical, material with an addition of madness.